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Meet the team

The Commissioner for Children and Young People's office comprises a small team of people who assist the Commissioner in carrying out her work.

An organisational structure of the office of the Commissioner for Children and Young People, listing the teams and their core functions, can be viewed below. 


Commissioner's leadership team

  • Director Policy, Research and Monitoring 
  • Manager Engagement and Communication 
  • Manager Corporate Services 


Policy, Research and Monitoring

  • Monitors and reviews legislation, policies, programs and services affecting children and young people. Undertakes research and consultation to inform the office’s advocacy concerning the wellbeing of children and young people.
  • Develops evidence-based resources including submissions, reports, issues papers and policy briefs to inform the development of legislation, policy and services.
  • Monitors trends in complaints made by children and young people to government agencies and how agencies investigate complaints.

Media, Engagement and Communication

  • Supports children and young people’s participation in the work of the Commissioner so their views, ideas and concerns are heard and incorporated into the office’s work.
  • Develops information and resources to promote community and stakeholder awareness and understanding about the wellbeing of children and young people.
  • Promotes the ways in which children and young people positively contribute to their communities, and the people that support them to do so.

Corporate Services

  • Supports organisational performance and ongoing business operations to ensure good governance, reporting and accountability.