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Mental health online resources

“If it was something I felt I couldn’t tell someone who had contact with my parents, or someone at school, that’s when I would go online.” WA young person

There are many online resources for mental health information and tips. Here are some that you may find helpful.


headspace is an organisation that helps support the mental health of young people aged to 12 to 25 in Australia. For general information on mental health, physical health, work and study or alcohol and other drugs, visit the headspace website. You can also find out where your nearest headspace centre is for in-person support.


Great for those in regional and remote areas but available to all, eheadspace provides free online support and counselling to young people and their families and friends. Connect with a headspace clinician for a one-on-one chat, or join a group chat on a particular topic you’d like help with.

Bite Back

Bite Back is a youth online mental health challenge run by Black Dog Institute, designed to increase happiness and reduce stress over six weekly challenges.


Talking helps

Online programs and apps can be great ways to keep your mental health in mind. Sharing your problems with someone also really helps, so chat to a parent, teacher, friend or family member that you feel safe talking to.

Or if you want someone else to talk to, you can contact the following help services at any time, for free.