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Complaints and feedback

All children and young people have the right to complain when they feel unsafe
or believe they have not been treated fairly.

If you are a child or young person who feels unsafe or needs help urgently,
call the Police on 000 or Crisis care on 1800 199 008.

If you are a child or young person who wants information about how to make a complaint, visit 
Info for children and young people.

Complaints and feedback about us

The Commissioner is always working to do the right thing for WA children and young people, so would like to know if you are unhappy with something she or her staff has done. All feedback and complaints will be taken seriously and she will do everything she can to resolve them.

If your complaint is about us, call 6213 2297 or email the Commissioner

View the complaints flowchart for more information on how the Commissioner will handle the complaint process.  

Complaints about another organisation

The State's laws do not allow the Commissioner to investigate a complaint about how another organisation has dealt with a child or young person in an individual situation or incident. 

The Commissioner can provide information to children, young people and families about complaints processes and suggest who is able to help them.

The Commissioner can also follow up on an issue affecting children and young people generally, which may be identified through a complaint or issue experienced by a child or young person.

If you want help or advice about how to make a complaint about another organisation call us on 6213 2297 or email the Commissioner.

Our policies

These documents set out the Commissioner’s policies and processes about complaints.

To see more of the Commissioner's policies, visit Corporate information.

Where else can I find help?

The Ombudsman provides advice and information to help people make complaints to State government organisations and to understand what happens after a complaint is made. 

Most organisations have complaints forms on their websites to help you make a complaint. To find a form on a website, look for the words or search for feedback, comments or contact us.

This list of government agencies may help you find the right organisation to make a complaint.